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    How To Make Music Starting From Score Writing Up To Publishing At Site

    Score Writer, a Genie Soft-purchased notation program, is the software I use to write all my music. Each sound you hear is a result of the score note and not a recording made through a microphone.

    Cake Walk published Score Writer’s first version. However, this version doesn’t support VST instruments. Genie Soft’s version 4 is compatible with Virtual Studio Technology. SynthFont VST( V1.003 ), which was provided by VSTSynFont, was freely downloaded into Score Write VST Plug-in folder. Also, Chaos 8Mb soundfont can be downloaded. SynthFontVST and Chaos 8MB soundfont combine to produce a sound that is very close to what actual musical instruments sound like. Flute is one example. The sound that is generated when a note has been blown for a long time may be reminiscent of a human blowing it. The sound we hear for one note does not always sound the same throughout the entire period. Score Writer version 1 does not support VST so this kind of effect cannot be created.

    Score Writer features the ability to panning. It’s the placement of any musical instrument in the hall. The piano may be placed on one side, and the cello the other. The center of the hall can be represented by the panning, which ranges from negative 64 up to positive 63.

    Classic Reverb can also be imported into Score Writer’s VST Plug-in folder. This allows you to make music with reverberation. Classic Reverb could be downloaded free of charge. Classic Reverb allows you to set the room size. This makes it sound like the music was actually played in your hall.

    Music written in score notes, all musical instruments play exactly to the beat that is impossible for humans. This could be the biggest problem in music composed from score notes. This can be solved by humanizing the music Tubidy. Some musical sounds should be played differently to others. Select a suitable instrument and the whole track will be made slower than the rest (by a Demisemiquaver, 1/32 notes) to maintain the 110 Crotchets/minute tempo. If the music contains one note, which is loud enough to be heard by all instruments (orchestra hit), then some instruments will sound slower. These are the two most common practices I use in music humanization.

    After you have completed the notes writing, the music can be converted to music format WAV using Score Writer’s “Record to File” function. You will need music in the file format WAV to burn the music onto a CD. You can use Nero to do this by simply selecting the WAV files into Nero.

    However, music files in WAV formats take up huge amounts of memory (around 30Mb-60Mb for one song with a duration of 4 minutes), which is not ideal for online use. The music is converted to MP3, where it typically shrinks to 1/10. Audio MID Recorder is used for this purpose.

    Before Audio MID recorder can be used to convert the music, it is necessary to set the format. The recorder doesn’t care about the music file format. It could be in any file format. Also, it means that we can convert WAV frequency 44100 16 bits to WAV frequency 32000 8 bits. Or MP3 192Kbps can be converted to MP3 128Kbps. Recording is simply recording what you hear into the appropriate format. This can be used to increase the volume.