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    Play at an Online Casino With Simple Sic Bo Strategy

    Sic Bo, also known as Tai/Sai (Big/Small), is one of the most popular games among Chinese gamblers. This game is becoming increasingly popular because it offers live-dealer. Sic Bo, like other casino games offers many bets with different house edges. Sic Bo is known for choosing bets that have a low house edge in order to increase your winning chances. We will look at some of the strategies that players use to play Sic Bo online 원화.

    The house edge is the advantage that a casino has to make a profit over the long-term. This figure is what makes online gambling so profitable. To minimize your risk of losing, smart gamblers should avoid high-house advantage bets. Sic Bo has many bets and each one has a different house edge. This allows players to easily calculate the correct it based upon the payout. However, if you’re new to the game it will be easier to remember which bets offer more advantage and which ones don’t.

    The outcome of Sic Bo can vary from 3 to 18 because it is played with three dices. The “Small bet” wins when the total is between 4 and 10, except that the dices have the same number. The “Big” bet is won when all three dices reveal the number between 11 and 17, except that the dices have the same number. Both the “Small” as well as “Big” bets have an even house edge of 2.8% and pay even money. Some Sic Bo tables offer an extra even-money bet, the “Even” or “Odd” ones. These betting areas are similar to “Big” or “Small” in that they have a house edge of 2.7% and will lose if all three dice turn out to be equal.

    Because they have the lowest house advantage, even-money bets should be preferred. This means that players have the best chance of winning if they place their bets in even-money areas. The simplest strategy for Sic Bo betting is to place your bets in even-money areas like “Big”/”Small” or “Even”/” Odd because you have approximately 49 percent winning chance.

    It is important to know which bets have high house edge. “Two of a Kind” is one such bet. If you place a bet on two numbers, you will win if the numbers that you have chosen turn out to match your bet. This bet pays out at 5:1 with a 16.67% house advantage, which is among the highest bets at Sic Bo. These bets are not recommended unless you are willing to lose or have the luck to defeat the house advantage. The “Three-of-a-kind” bet is another one to avoid when betting. It pays 7:1 and has a 11.11% house edge.

    High house edge bets tend to pay higher payouts. These are also the areas where most people lose their money. You should limit your desire to win big by not betting in areas with high payouts and high house edges.


    Sic Bo is an easy game that offers a variety of bets and different house advantages. Sic Bo is easy to win if you avoid areas that have a high house edge, even though they offer high payouts.